Single to Married God's Way

BrendaLee Abram Nakamura

Author, Mentor, Coach 

Brenda has been mentoring single women for over a decade. Her story has been featured on National TV,magazines, billboards, rooftops, bus stops and even transportation vehicles. She has authored a book, created several tools, ebooks, retreats, workshops and programs to teach single women how to rewrite their love story. Through her e-courses and mentorship the single woman can be guided through a system where the end result speeds up the time and confusion in attracting and choosing THE RIGHT husband.

Brenda is a certified John Maxwell coach, author and mentor. Brenda’s passion to help single women comes from her own life of singleness, struggles, mistakes and victory. After several broken relationships, a failed marriage and years living as a single mom, God intervened. This resulted in a ‘timeout’ in which she laid down the man hunt and spent her time focusing solely on God. This is where everything changed. God showed her the WHY, the HOW, the WHERE, and then the WHO.

God rewrote her Love Story. In 2006 she felt the Lord say “now you are prepared for the marriage I have for you” and sure enough she met Brad online. In 2008 she married her God-given Mr. Right, Brad Nakamura. They became lay pastors in their local church. Shortly after her marriage to Brad, Brenda started mentoring single women in groups and one-on-one. Together Brad and Brenda birthed a singles ministry in their church. They have a passion to see healthy God honoring marriages. 

Happily Ever After is possible when you put Christ first.

Brenda’s goal is to inspire, challenge and equip single women so they too can become Single To Married God’s Way!

Meet BrendaLee & Her Hubby!


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