It’s true, it is more difficult to meet people during this pandemic.  However, there are some advantages you’ll want to know. The following is based on new polls: 

  •  Singles are more intentional about who they date.  They are having deeper conversations and interested in spending quality time together.

  •  Meeting for entertainment purposes is on the decline.

  •  Singles are spending more time getting to know the other person.

  •  The pressure of physical contact has declined and non contact activities are on the rise.

  • Focus on character and personal interests are increasing.

  • Long distance relationships are becoming more popular.

  • Singles are paying greater attention to the profiles of others.


  • It's a win win!

  • Volunteering connects you with others in a unique environment. You will make new friends and increase your social and relationship skills.  Volunteering counteracts the effects of stress and anxiety. It also increases self-confidence and provides a sense of purpose.  And through all this, you are meeting a need. What a rewarding experience.

  • Volunteering places you alongside others, working and interacting together to accomplish something.

  • Volunteering allows you to see how others interact. See first hand the character traits of him/her in action - that's huge!

  • So get out there and volunteer at your local thrift shops, food banks, churches, shelters, and charitable organizations. 

Interest Groups

  • Why not place yourself around singles who have the same interests as you do. The common interest provides an immediate topic for conversation.

  • Interest groups are numerous. Whether it's hiking, cycling, walking, running, book reading, exercise, sports, Bible study, movies, technology, cooking or eating - there is a group, event or conference for you. Don't have a specific interest? Then pick one and start something new! 

  • Do a google search for groups that meet in your area or city.

  • is a popular platflorm where you can find groups that meet virtually and in person.

Local Gathering Spots

  • Local gathering spots are a great way to meet people. Close to me, there are walking trails and areas where people exercise and connect. Search out the gathering spots near you. Even better start your own group, invite a few friends and watch it grow. 

Online Dating Sites

  • Online dating will quickly expose you to hundreds of singles in a short period of time. If God is giving you the green light to move forward with this, there are several online dating platforms available to you. Choose a Christian site when possible. We (Brenda & Brad) met on Christian Cafe'. Do your homework and select a quality dating site that encourages relationship building - not swiping.

  • Singles are becoming more intentional and serious about who they date and are having deeper conversations. So more than ever, your online profile is of utmost importance. Take the time to craft your profile to reflect you! Have someone help you tweek it. There are so many good traits about you that you may be missing. Lastly include pics that reflect who you are, and what you are about. 

  • Consider signing up for Secrets to Online Dating course (for women).